Friday, 11 April 2014

DearestU: This is my all time low.


This is my all time lowest point in my career. I feel like I've reached the deepest pit of disgrace and incompetence in my work, and instead  of feeling that when you had reached the lowest be glad cause there is no other way but to go up; I'm feeling that i can dig deeper than where I am now. I'm becoming an epic fail in all proportions.

I'm losing clients' trust, they are dissatisfied, my team's morale is down, my manager is so frustrated at me, and I haven't got a good sleep in the past 2 months. A 5 hour sleep is becoming a very precious commodity, I can't afford. And worst of all, instead of fucosing more than ever, when I faced facebook's status bar asking "   What's on your Mind?"

I've got a three letter respond and posted: YOU