Sunday, 6 April 2014

DearestU I'd dated someone after I wrote that first blog.


I know you'll say: F*ck!

What?!  Like hell yah! what have I done?

We always knew I am the spontaneous one in that relationship.  But am I really this spontanoeous? I don't know, all i know is that I really needed you  and your hands to hold earlier and you and your hands weren't just there earlier and I only have myself to blame.

I don't wan't to propose a valid excuse for what I had done because in all senses it is wrong but somehow it felt so right. I raise both hands and surrended in advance  to all possible curse words you could throw at me.

But P.S. #CaptainAmerica movie was really awesome, best of the #avengers.  In the middle of the clip you will be forgetting it's a superhero movie, and it feel james bondnic and sherlock in some senses.

Shit what am I doing? I guess I have to stop this for a moment. Why am I writing you this?

This is not to prove to you that I really am decided in moving on or I can find a replacement easily, because it wasn't really a romatic date, but more of hey can you be my next movie buddy? We didn't even have dinner. Just movie.

Oh my God why am I so defensive?  I really have to stop this.

Have to work now. Or my triple espresso shots we'll really go to waste.

Oh my God i forget to mention, we had coffee too.

But nothing really romantic. It's more of a finding a convenient meeting place for strangers knowing each other personally for the first time.

Oh my God ! Did I just mention stranger?  No we're actually virtual friends for a long time.

I have to stop this. Have to work now.

P.S.  This is really the last real post script for tonight:  I really missed U.  Nothing beats holding your hand in a theather and you checking on me every now and then if i've gotten slept.  I didn't know why you always do that cause I never really sleep in a movie house, but it was really sweet. I miss you